For me, photography is all about personality….. your personality, my personality.  I know that not everyone is a professional model, and that at times we all feel awkward in front of the lense.  My job is to help you to enjoy the experience so I can create images that capture your unique self or the spirit of your occasion, in a relaxed and fun environment.

Art has always been my love. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied painting, sculpting, and photography. I pursued all of these professionally, and moved to NYC where I was a stylist for fashion and editorial work.  Working in the fashion industry was amazing training for how to create glamour and bring out the beauty in a model. This has proved an invaluable skill for working with brides, and is something unique I bring to my Wedding Photography.

I also recently had a son. Understandably, I have become passionate about children’s photography in an entirely new way. I am excited about how this new perspective has deepened my work with children.  I recently had an amazing shoot at the children’s museum. ( check out the cutie in the painted chair reading the baby book on the children’s page)

A client compliment I am most proud of is from Dione and Scott (one on my featured weddings). They were amazed upon receiving their photographs that I had captured everything, yet they hadn’t noticed  I was right in front of them the whole time.

My working style is candid and photojournalistic.  I work on location.  An urban landscape, a scenic beach, or the forest in the fall leaves.  If your home is where you feel most at home, we will work there. For weddings, going to the SAM Sculpture Park or Pike Place Market before the main event can really make the day.

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